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Hank Thompson - Track 5


Hank Thompson - Track 5

Warner Brothers

Hank Thompson - Track 5


Hank Thompson - Track 5


Hank Thompson - Track 5


Hank Thompson - Track 5


Hank Thompson - Track 5


Hank Thompson - Track 5

Step One

Note: 45rpm 7” single records released with a picture sleeve will have a (PS)
Note: Hank recorded 331 songs on Capitol Records but not all were released on 45rpm records. See TRACK 8 Compact disc Box-set 1 for a complete list of all Capitol songs recorded.

F876 1950 All That Goes Up Must Come Down/ Standing On The Outside
F1016 1950 Take A Look At This Broken Heart/ She’s A Girl Without A Sweetheart
F1113 1950 (I’ve Got A) Humpty Dumpty Heart/ California Women
F1114 1950 Soft Lips/ Give A Little, Take A Little
F1115 1950 Whoa Sailor/ Today
F1116 1950 Swing Wide Your Gate Of Love/ Tomorrow Night
F1117 1950 Second Hand Gal/ Don’t Flirt With Me
F1118 1950 Green Light/ Mary Had A Little Lamb
F1119 1950 The Grass Looks Greener/ Rock In The Ocean
F1120 1950 My Front Door Is Open/ A Cat Has Nine Lives
F1121 1950 I Find You Cheatin’ On Me/ You Remembered Me
F1163 1950 When God Calls His Children Home/ I Can’t Feel At Home
F1198 1950 Humpty Dumpty Boogie/ Daddy Blues
F1327 1950 A Broken Heart And A Glass Of Wine/ If I Cry
F1379 1951 New Roving Gambler/ Playin’ Possum
F1444 1951 Where Is Your Heart Tonight/ Those Things Money Can’t Buy
F1528 1951 I Ain’t Crying Over You/ Hangover Heart
F1632 1951 (I’ve Got A) Humpty Dumpty Heart/ Green Light
F1745 1951 Love Thief/ How Do You Feel
F1942 1952 The Wild Side Of Life/ Cryin’ In The Deep Blue Sea
F2063 1952 Waiting In The Lobby Of Your Heart/ Don’t Make Me Cry Again
F2169 1952 How Cold Can You Get/ It’s Better To Have Loved A Little
F2178 1952 Whoa Sailor/ Mary Had A Little Lamb
F2269 1952 The New Wears Off Too Fast/ You’re Walking On My Heart
F2377 1953 No Help Wanted/ I’d Have Never Found Somebody New
F2445 1953 Rub-A-Dub-Dub/ I’ll Sign My Heart Away
F2553 1953 Yesterday’s Girl/ John Henry
F2646 1953 Wake Up, Irene/ Go Cry Your Heart Out
F2758 1954 A Fooler, A Faker/ Breakin’ The Rules
F2792 1954 Jersey Bounce/ Sunrise Serenade
F2823 1954 Honky-Tonk Girl/ We’ve Gone Too Far
F2920 1954 The New Green Light/ A Lonely Heart Knows
F2998 1954 Dardanelle/ Johnson Rag
F3030 1955 If Lovin’ You Is Wrong/ Annie Over
F3106 1955 Wildwood Flower/ Breakin’ In Another Heart
F3188 1955 Most Of All/ Simple Simon
F3235 1955 Westphalia Waltz/ Red Skin Gal
F3275 1955 Don’t Take It Out On Me/ Honey Bee Ball
F3347 1956 The Blackboard Of My Heart/ I’m Not Mad, Just Hurt
F3440 1956 WeepingWillow/ You Can Give Me Back My Heart
F3536 1956 It Makes No Difference Now/ Taking My Chances
F3623 1957 Rockin’ In The Congo/ I Was The First One
F3709 1957 Girl In The Night/ Quicksand
F3781 1957 Tears Are Only Rain/ Under The Double Eagle
F3850 1957 Just A Old Flame/ I’m Not Too Late
F3950 1958 How Do You Hold A Memory/ Li’l Liza Jane
F4017 1958 Squaws Along The Yukon/ Gathering Flowers
F4085 1958 I’ve Run Out Of Tomorrows/ You’re Going Back To Your Old Ways Again
F4138 1959 Tuxedo Junction/ The Coconut Grove
F4182 1959 Anybody’s Girl/ Total Strangers
F4269 1959 I Didn’t Mean To Fall In Love/ Guess I’m Gettin’ Over You
4334 1960 A Six Pack To Go/ Waht Made Her Change
4386 1960 She’s Just A Whole Lot Like You/ There My Future Goes
4454 1960 It’s Got To Be A Habit/ Will We Start It All Over Again
4502 1961 Just One Step Away/ Two Hearts Deep In The Blues
4556 1961 Oklahoma Hills/ Teach Me How To Lie
4605 1961 Hangover Tavern/ Give The World A Smlie
4649 1961 I’ve Convinced Everyone But Myself/ Lost John (PS)
4694 1962 That’s The Recipe For A Heartache/ Drop Me Gently(So My Heart Won’t Break)
4722 1962 Blue Skirt Waltz/ Westphalia Waltz
4786 1962 How Many Teardrops Will It Take/ I Cast A Lonesome Shadow
4871 1963 Honky Tonk Town/ I’d Look Forward To Tomorrow
4912 1963 Yesterday’s Girl/ The Wild Side Of Life
4968 1963 I Wasn’t Even In The Running/ The More In Love Your Heart Is
5008 1963 Too In Love The Blackboard Of My Heart
5071 1964 Twice As Much/ Reaching For The Moon
5123 1964 Just To Ease The Pain/ Stirring Up The Ashes
5217 1964 What Ever Happened To Mary/ Luckiest Heartache In Town
5310 1964 Mr. And Mrs. Snowman/ I’d Like To Have An Elephant For Christmas
5344 1965 I’m Gonna Practice Freedom/ Life’s Sweetest Moment
5422 1965 Then I’ll Start Believing In You/ In The Back Of Your Mind
5507 1965 Paper Doll/ You Only Hurt The One You Love
5535 1965 Little Christmas/ Gonna Wrap My Heart In Angel Ribbons
5599 1966 Pick Me Up On Your Way Down/ You Nearly Loose Your Mind

Note: Hank recorded 246 songs on Warner Brothers, Dot, ABC Dot, ABC, MCA, Churchill, and Step One records but not all were released on 45rpm records. See TRACK 8 compact disc box set 2 for a complete list of songs.

Warner Brothers
5858 1966 Where Is The Circus/ Love Walked Out Long Before She Did
5886 1967 He’s Got A Way With Women/ Let The Four Winds Choose

17108 1968 On Tap, In The Can, Or In The Bottle/ If I Loose You Tomorrow
17163 1968 Smoky The Bar/ Clubs, Spades, Diamonds, and Hearts
17207 1969 I See Them Everywhere/ Today
17262 1969 The Pathway Of My Life/ At Certain Times
17307 1969 Oklahoma Home Brew/ Let’s Get Drunk And Be Somebody
17347 1970 But That’s All right/ Take It All Away
17354 1970 One Of The Fortunate Few/ I’m Afraid I Lied
17365 1971 Next Time I Fall In Love (I Won’t)/ Big Boat Across Oklahoma
17385 1971 The Mark Of A Hell/ Promise Her Anything
17390 1971 Oklahoma Stomp/ Maiden’s Prayer
17399 1971 I’ve Come Awful Close/ Teardrops On The Rocks
17410 1972 Cab Driver/ Gloria
17430 1972 Glow Worm/ You’re Nobody Till Somebody Loves You
17447 1973 Roses In The Wine/ That’s Why I Sing
17470 1973 Kindly Keep It Country/ Jill’s Jack In The Box
17490 1974 The Older The Violin, The Sweeter The Music/ A Six Pack To Go
17512 1974 Who Left The Door To Heaven Open/ When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again

17535 1974 Mama Don’t ‘Low/ Wait A Little Longer Baby

17556 1975 That’s Just My Truckin’ Luck/ After You Have Made Me Over
17583 1975 Mona Lisa/ Too Young
17612 1976 Asphalt Cowboy/ Fifteen Minutes To Clarksville
17649 1976 Big Band Days/ Forgive Me
17673 1976 Honky Tonk Girl/ Another Shot Of Today
17695 1977 Just An Old Flame/ Don’t Get Around Much Anymore ABC
12409 1978 I’m Gettin’ By/ I Hear The South Callin’ Me
12447 1979 Dance With Me Molly/ Point Of No Return

41079 1979 I Hear The South Callin’ Me/ Through The Bottom Of The Glass
41176 1980 Tony’s Tank Up, Drive-in Cafe/ Point Of No Return
41274 1980 You’re Poppin’ Tops/ Rollin’ In Your Sweet Sunshine
51030 1980 King Of Western Swing/ Take Me Back To Tulsa

7779 1981 Rockin’ In The Congo/ The Convict And The Rose (PS)
94003 1982 Cocaine Blues/ Drop Me Gently (So My Heart Don’t Break) (PS)
94009 1982 Driving Nails In My Coffin/ What Ever Happened To Mary
94026 1983 Once In A Blue Moon/ Let’s Stop What We Started (PS)

Step One
382 1988 Here’s To Country Music/ The Hand I’m Holding Now
394 1988 If I Were You I’d Fall In Love With Me/ Cowboy Cutie