Capitol Tower Recording Studio Hollywood California


We would like to thank the staff at Bear Family Records of Germany for their tireless research and development of their discography that was very helpful in the development of this website discography. Their discography is included in the books with the two CD box-sets. Some of the staff members deserving our utmost appreciation are; Rich Kienzle, Richard Weize, Laurence J. Zwisohn, Chris Huskey, Bill Inglot, Russ Wapensky, Scott B. Bomar, and Detlev Hoegen. Danke schon!

We would also like to thank the following linked websites used for research and documentation of information contained in this discography:


This Discography is a chronological listing of the 1946-2014 commercial recordings. No reissue, foreign issue, or disc jockey records are included in this list except for the Bear Family Records Cd Box-sets.


Track 1 – 78rpm 10” Vinyl Singles
Track 2 – 78rpm 10” Vinyl Long Play Albums
Track 3 – 78rpm 16” Vinyl Long Play – Armed Forces Radio Albums
Track 4 – 45rpm 7” Vinyl Extended Play (EAP)
Track 5 – 45rpm 7” Vinyl Singles
Track 6 – 33 1/3rpm 7” Vinyl Jukebox Compact Records
Track 7 – 33 1/3rpm 12” Vinyl Long Play Albums – Capitol, ABC, Warner Brothers, MCA, DOT, Hilltop, Step One, ABC DOT
Track 8 – Compact Disc
Track 9 – The Recordings; Date, Location, Producer, Personnel, Writer, etc.